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Caregiver Feedback

We invite you to peruse some of the correspondence we have received in recent years from many of the special Caregivers on our team... lovely feedback from emails, cards, etc. Learn what it is like to work at Trilogy Home Care and how we set ourselves apart as an employer in this industry of service to others. 

"Just wanted to say thanks for being such a high-quality agency with heart and soul like I've not experienced before or after I started working with you all. You rock! Your agency should be the national prototype."
     - Dena S. (July 2016)
"Thank you for being a great boss and I appreciate your kind, understanding and great comments that I received from you many times."
     - Pema T. (June 2016)
"Give my regards to all at Trilogy.
The almost six years I spent with you all are some of my best."
     - Kathy T. (February 2016)
"You are always so thoughtful. Please never change, you are one of a kind."
     - Adele B. (April 2016)
"I'm so enjoying my time with you guys.
I appreciate all the thoughtfulness, consideration and support you guys send my way. You guys are the best!!"
     - Candy N. (March 2016)
"The depth of organization and coverage of details in the training today was impressive and I feel lucky to have found such a wonderful place to work!"
     - Angelique H. (January 2016)
"Your card and generous gift were such sweet surprises for my birthday, not to mention the note following [our client's] recent passing. I just wanted to take this moment to tell you how much I appreciate you and the caring community of Trilogy which your vision and hard work have built."
     - Patte H. (December 2015)
"Thank you so very much! Your kind words and increased remuneration have left me speechless but oh so happy. To say this is a surprise is an understatement and I want you to know how lucky I feel to be working with you and Team Trilogy. You all take such great care of us and this in turn makes it very easy for me to always have an elevator speech at the ready (not always an easy feat in the past)."
     - Patte H. (October 2015)
"I referred a caregiver to you... I told her that Trilogy has been the best place I have ever worked and the best agency around! All true! Thanks for providing employment for me!"
     - Jenna S.. (January 2015)
"What a nice surprise tucked inside a sweet card. Thank you so much, and believe me when I say I love being a part of the Trilogy family."
     - Robin S. (2015)
"You steer a fine ship, and I'm proud to be on the crew."
     - Terri H. (May 2015)
"I think it's me who should be more grateful to the Trilogy family and especially the office for providing us with such a supportive and conducive working environment for us to perform our duties."
     - Letty F. (October 2015)
"Your kind words of support mean so much to me! I am proud to work for Trilogy!"
     - Brittany D. (July 2015)
"Thank you ladies for sending me the card. It really means alot to work for a company that truly appreciates my work. Thank you again,"
     - Jessica J. (May 2015)
"This company has been my home for well over a year and I feel my life is profoundly changed for the better in having been part of it. ...what I will retain from this experience will benefit me in nursing school and as a healthcare professional in years to come. I thank you for your support, your kindness, your warmth, and the sincere mission of your business. I wish the best for the future of Trilogy and all members of the team, past and present!"
     - Nicole M. (April 2015)
"Being a caregiver is so rewarding, lending a hand to those who need it, going an extra mile for people who appreciate it, giving back in a sense. Gosh I love my job, everyone is so understanding and you're all fantastic people I sure am lucky to have found such an excellent company to work for! Thank you all so much."
     - Carla P. (January 2015)
"Thank you for all you do for us caregivers and clients that keep my life full and 'interesting challenging, crazy, etc!' Seriously, you all put in such incredible work to keep it all going. God richly bless you."
     - Marla H. (April 2013)
"I want to thank you for all the opportunities you have given me through the years... It has been a real pleasure to work for Trilogy. You two ladies are the best and have worked hard to build Trilogy to be such a respected home care service. I wish you continued success and happiness."
     - Adele (December 2014)
"I owe Trilogy greatly for giving me a job that is so satisfying and enjoyable. Every time I think of the clients I serve in Trilogy, it brings a smile on my face. Then of course everyone of our office personnel, including the business owners, are so nice and respectful of the employees here that it makes the work totally stress free.... It was Trilogy that helped me survive through my schooling days for LPN. So, thanks again."
     - Choezom (March 2014)
"Thank you for everything... I have enjoyed working with all you beautiful ladies and thank you for being flexible with my schedule. I appreciate the opportunity for being a Trilogy Caregiver. I have learned so much from our staff and I'm going to apply all these skills toward my future goal. I'm going to miss all our clients, staff members, all have been so close to my heart!
This company has been the best company I have worked for in all my years being employed, and I thank you for the unforgettable memories."
     - Nicole L. (May 2013)
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